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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 13, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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we are following several stories developing right nou starting with the investigation of a second general in the scandal that ended with the resignation of david petraeus. we have the latest on the news that broke overnight. >> former d.c. council chairman kwame brown is awaiting his sentence. we have a reporter that will bring the announcement. >> the head of d.c. schools wrapped up a press conference. we have a reporter at the press conference. he'll tell us why and when the schools will be shut down.
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our studio has been transformed into an elegant winter scene for today's wedding. today, music, food and the perfect dress for the winter wedding of your dreams. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, november 13th, 2012. we have breaking news. unusual scene in court. just now, it ended with no plea deal were suspected east coast rapist. prosecutors believe aaron thomas was going to plead guilty for the 2009 attack on three teenagers. there was confusion as he hesitated to enter a plea. he said i don't know what way is right and which way is wrong. after a short recess, he backed out of the plea deal. julie carey is in court and will bring the latest. kwame brown is being sentenced on a federal bank
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charge. he resigned from the d.c. council. brown admitted to lying on applications to obtain bank loans. he faces up to six months in prison. prosecution is asking for six days followed by supervised release. we'll bring you the sentence when it's handed down. right now, the trial of a bowie state. the two got into an argument over the volume of an ipod. simpson's attorney says she was acting in lf-defense. >> we are following a story right now. the top military leader in afghanistan. the pentagon says its investigating inappropriate communications between general john allen and jill kelley, the
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woman petraeupetraeus' mistress e-mails to. there were several inappropriate e-mails sent between the two. she's a social liaison. petraeus says he's just friends with her. paula saw her as a romantic rival. meanwhile, leon panetta is speaking out about the scandal saying petraeus made the right decision by stepping down. >> i think it's important when you are director of the cia with all the challenges issued in that position that, you know, that personal integrity comes first and foremost. >> as for allen, president obama held his nomination to become the next leader of nato forces in europe. he will continue to lead u.s. forces in afghanistan.
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the fbi's investigation moved to paula broadwell's home in charlotte. they searched her home several hours late last night. agents left with boxes of documents and paperwork. they are not saying what they found. she's the co-author of the biography of david petraeus. he did have questions about their relationship. >> but, what was a question in my mind, quite frankly was why general petraeus was granting paula broadwell the kind of access he granted her. >> the fbi is putting together a time line of the investigation to explain to members of congress why they were kept out of the loop until resently. closing 20 d.c. public schools. a few minutes ago, they wrapped up a news conference. tony tull is live at d.c. public school headquarters in northeast. can you tell us what's going on
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there? hi. >> reporter: yeah, that news conference is still going on now. kaya henderson is taking time to explain her plan. as you said, it's going to be 20 of them across six wards. one of the things she talked about, though she's closing schools, she is consolidating a lot of schools. a lot of kids will go to different schools now. some of the things she talked about in the press conference, her schools are under capacity except ward number three. they have too many schools for the population right now. that's one of the main reasons for the closures. right now, 45,000 students. around 123 schools. in relation to how many students, two schools, fairfax county has the same number of schools with double the students. one of her big points was d.c. public schools is operating with half themount of schools,
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students that fairfax county. another thing she pointed out is half of them are in charter except wards 2 and 3. one of the things she touched on is 45% of all schools have one teacher per grade level. they want to take some of the money and get new teachers. they want to put them in updated buildings. she wants to up it and modernize the schools. this list is not to be released until 4:00 p.m. today. that is when we will let you know what scoops are exactly closing and what schools the kids will be going to. that is the latest. back to you. >> tony, thank you. we'll look forward to the rest of that news later this afternoon. turning to the weather, look at that. it's clearing up after all the rain and sleet we had out there. >> it was not a great morning. what's in store from here?
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storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein with the forecast. >> i don't think sleet is allowed before thanksgiving. we had a little bit of it right before the rain ended and now it has cleared out here in washington. getting sunshine breaking out. this is the view from storm team 4 radar over the last couple hours. you can see the rain to the east. we have dried out in washington now. our nearby suburbs, light rain in southern maryland from charles county, st. marys, northern neck of virginia and the eastern shore. it will be ending there over the next couple hours. we are clearing out from the west. the latest satellite pictures showing a nice clearing. it's going to continue to do so through the rest of the afternoon. what a chill in the air. it's only 45 at reagan national. off to the west and north, low 40s. hovering in the mid-40s, maybe briefly upper 40s over the next couple hours. the chill remains throughout the week ahead.
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we'll look at that. the seven dayout look coming up in a few minutes. back to you barbara and keith. >> thank you, tom. let's check on midday traffic now. >> danella with not so good news to share. >> unfortunately, it's been a mess all morning. let's head to clarksville, md 32 highway closed between linden church road. be aware of that. another closure, eastbound, the bu dulles greenway is shut down due to a crash. another accident, inner loop seeing big delays because of this. it was van dorin blocking the right lane. right now, it's out of the roadway. it's moved. the delays are lessening. it's some good news. back to you both. >> thank you, danella. >> after five years of construction, drivers in virginia will finally get relief on the beltway. today, a ribbon cutting ceremony
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for the i-495 express lane. megan mcgrath joins us from tye son's corner or tyson's if that's what you want to call it now. good morning. >> reporter: take a look behind me. the sign on the side of this truck says it all, road opens in four days. the express lanes will be open to the general public beginning in the wee hours of saturday, november 17th. if you are willing to pay a toll, v-dot believes you will be able to travel anywhere between 45 to 55 miles an hour on these express lanes. that is during rush hour. a sell bra tour breakfast in tyson's corner. the lanes open to the public on saturday, november 17th. >> it was always four lanes. peak hours, those lanes were stuffed. now, you are adding new capacity, each direction by two
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lanes. that, alone, is going to move a lot of traffic. you have six lanes where it used to be four. that reason alone, the math works. >> reporter: final tweaks need to be made, but it's ready to go. if you plan to use them, there are a few things you need to know. there are no toll booths for the express lanes. everything is electronic. you must have an easy pass to ride. overhead will add cost to the tolls as you drive by. if you are willing to pay, possibly as much as a dollar a mile, you are promised a smooth commute. v-dot expects the lanes to run 55 miles per hour around rush hour. how is that possible? >> we have traffic sensors, full camera coverage. we will slowly increase the price to keep the free flowing trip so you can depend on a predictable trip. >> reporter: how much will it cost? that depends on how congested the road is.
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during rush hour, anywhere between $3 and $6 for a one-way trip. non-peak hour, as little as 1 or $2. if you want to use the lanes, but not pay, it's possible, too. pick up a few friends, hit a slug line. folks who car pool, have three or more people in their vehicle, they can use the lane for free. if you want to do that, you have to get a special easy pass, the flex pass to do that. you can pick up one of those any place you get your regular easy pass. reporting live in tyson's, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. >> thanks, megan. >> sure. a new proposal in d.c. could mean big changes on how emergency crews respond to calls. the city doesn't have enough resources to keep up with this ever growing population. he's calling for a plan that would shift paramedics and
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ambulances depending on whether it's peak or off peak time. more personnel on the street during the off-peak times. the president of d.c. firefighters association about the proposed changes. he says the plan won't work because people can't plan for emergencies. >> 12 minutes after 11:00 is the time right now. congress returns to work today waiting the fiscal cliff. it may be the most important piece of business but what will be the first piece. >> we are more than a week away from thanksgiving. with that said, tsa said this morning they want to help travelers get ready. how? stay
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back to business for congress. lawmakers are back in washington and about to be part of the most important lame duck session of congress in recent history. they will try to reach a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal
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cliff. congress will tend to other important business as well. both parties meet tomorrow morning to decide on leadership positions. the house will try to pass legislation that will end trade restrictions and help u.s. exporters. president obama will have to name a new director of the cia. that's not the only spot he thooz fill. he's considering john kerry as the next defense secretary. leon panetta hasn't said if and when he will step down, but probably won't stay for the second term. kerry wants the job. >> we talk a little bit about the weather. it might be snowing later, huh? >> we got sleet earlier. we can make anything happen in television. we had sleet this morning. this was the view in manassas. it's bouncing off the hood there. that was right as the rain ended. now, look at the sky clearing
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out. beautiful blue sky. there's the live view from the nbc 4 live camera. winds around 10 miles per hour. it's going to be blustery as we get into the afternoon. the rain is ending throughout much of northern virginia. still raining in the northern neck and east of washington. parts of southern maryland and the chesapeake bay. west, we are all drying out now after the morning rain came through. we had totals of rain, generally around an inch just to the west. had about an inch in leesburg and loudoun county. reagan national had a half inch there and southern maryland, many locations had a half inch there. farther west, a little over an inch, to the east of the blue ridge. northern shenandoah valley toward washington county had anywhere from half inch to three quarters of an inch. just getting above freezing in
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the mountains and off to the west. there's a huge, chilly air mass over much of the nation now across maryland, virginia. we are hovering in the mid-40s. we'll stay in the 40s for the rest of the day. look how we have this cold air extending from here all the way to california. and from canada all the way down to north texas. we have a huge air mass that is unusually chilly for this time of november. we are beginning to clear out thanks to high pressure moving in from the west. it's here for the rest of the afternoon as we go forward. a clear sky tonight. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be down to near or below freezing in much of the region and during the day tuesday or wednesday, we'll have clear skies. wednesday evening and thursday might have a few clouds coming through. as we take a look at the forecast for today, for the afternoon, enjoy at least some sunshine. it won't feel warm hovering in the 40s for the afternoon.
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northwest winds gusting around 20 miles per hour. a clear sky tonight, leave your winter coat. it will be cold dropping near 40 by midnight. lighter winds, then all the way down to near freezing tomorrow morning. lots of sun wednesday afternoon. highs around 50. thursday morning lows mid-30s, partly cloudy. on friday, we have sunshine back with 30s in the morning and afternoon highs. only the low 50s. average high this time of year, 59. we are not going to be near that through the weekend. dry weather from the rest of today to saturday. we might have a coastal storm late on sunday into monday depending on how close it comes. we could get rain from that. we'll keep you posted. stay tuned. that is the way it looks. >> all right, tom. we'll see you again shortly. thank you. let's check on the midday traffic and see how things are moving. >> any better, danella? >> let's head to maryland, bw
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parkway southbound past 197, your left lane is blocked by a crash there. really seeing big delays, 17 miles per hour. slow as you make your way past the accident in that area. 395, good news here as you make your way northbound. southbound is clear. northbound from duke as you get around king street, construction. it's in the right shoulder lane. travel lanes are open. to get to the 14th street bridge, nice at 56 miles per hour. fast. drive taking 12 minutes. back to you both. >> thanks, danella. ♪ >> still ahead on news 4 midday, small touches to take the chill out of a winter wedding from a great cocktail to beautiful table setting, a lot coming up for you. >> music to our ears. normal or not when it comes to your hair. >> first, here is a look at what's hot on
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we continue wedding week today with a look at how to take the chill out of a winter wedding. jennifer joins us to talk about ideas for settings, table stakes and more. welcome. >> thank you. >> why would somebody consider a winter wedding when it's cold and hard to get there in fancy clothes. >> look how magical it is. it's a magical season. look at the set. it reminds you of fresh snow and parties. everyone is ready after the holidays to get out and party. >> it's economically -- >> it can be. it can be. it is less busy, which means you have less competition. you can get, you know, better access to your number one venn
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tor. i think that time and talent anytime of the year. i wouldn't go in and expect price slashing, but there are some deals that could be made. >> so, what are some of your choices for places to have a wedding this time of year? >> in d.c., i would suggest to stick in the city especially the snowier months. it's easier on your guests to get in and out, especially if they are traveling. you don't want to go over the river and through the woods if you have a snowstorm. it's easier on your guests, an elevator ride down to the ballroom. >> tell us about the things you have done here. >> yes. this is -- we have this beautiful, beautiful table. we have the mirror table top, which is wonderful for a winter wedding. i's going to sparkle everywhere.
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it's actually what we decided to do. we have used this and as you can see, the flowers are behind me, not on the table. we thought this really catches the light and the sparkle. >> it does sparkle. we stuck to candle light and crystal. it gives an intimate setting for your guests. they get to see the flowers around the room. they are not just staring at them on the table. >> you have candles that stay lit. >> that's great because a lot of hotels you are not able to do this. open flames are a big no-no. this is a great idea to have. >> now, tell us about the cake over there. it looks beautiful. >> it's gorgeous and sparkles. again, the winter sparkling scene. this detail work on it is gorgeous. the individual flowers remind me of the sparkle center. >> how do you avoid becoming
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cheesy or repetitive with a theme? >> my favorite thing about weddings is the detail. it's where you can use your theme to work for you. so, a theme doesn't have to be an actual theme, it can be color, a look or feel. what i really think is, every decision that you make, make it count. you can always infuse your theme or vision into your detail. what we did here was a couple easy things to get across the winter theme without going overboard. one thing you are going to serve champaign at a wedding. we decided to add a little rock candy crystal here. put it in the glass and here you go. how you have a cute little glass of champaign. it looks like a cute icicle here. we have this. they say brrr. it's something that -- they are hand calligraphied. you could, if you are computer
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savvy, do them yourself. >> you have a bunch of cocktail napkins. >> i love, love, love cocktail napkins. you can do your monogram or go beyond that with the fun, winter things from brrr to baby it's cold outside. >> you have the best ideas. it's absolutely beautiful. i love what you are doing. thank you so much. bride and groom coming shortly. we hope everyone will stick around to see that. >> thank you for having me. >> we are back in a bit with the bride and groom and other surprises for you. coming up in the next half hour, important information for you if you plan to travel over the thanksgiving holiday. plus an arrest on the local college campus. what led a student to make threats. the skies are clearing out there. tom kierein will be back to let us know how cold it's going to get. stay with us. we'll be
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just 88 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. right now, former d.c. council chairman kau mee brown is being sentenced on a bank fraud. he pleaded guilty in june. lawyers familiar with the case
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think brown may not receive time in prison. he'll be sentenced in d.c. superior court on a misneener campaign violation. president obama is meeting with labor leaders trying to build a consensus to reduce the deficit and avoid the fiscal cliff. he'll meet with members of the business community and sit down with congressional leaders for the holiday. the travel for the holiday season is a week away. you'll see crowds on the roads and the airports. tsa said they expect 24 million people to travel over the thanksgiving holiday alone. he is asking that you come to the airport prepared. >> part of the reason for being here is to encourage travelers to visit the tsa website and look for ways to understand the screening process and ways that will help the others in line deal with the longer lines as we
11:33 am
usually see. >> tsa officers reminded passengers to wait to wrap gifts until you reach your destination. you can down load the app. aaa expects more people to travel for the upcoming holiday. >> this thanksgiving, aaa projects that 43.6 million americans will take to the roads and to the airways. that's up a little less than 1% over last year, but it is the fourth consecutive year of increase since we saw a steep decline back in 2008. >> the president and ceo of aaa expects the busiest travel days to be the wednesday before thanksgiving and the sunday and monday avenue thanksgiving. he expects gas prices to be the same as last thanksgiving. the agency says car rentals are going up. aaa says more people will travel
11:34 am
by car than last year and fewer people will take to the airways. new this morning, four people in the hospital after a violent night in northeast washington. victims of a triple stabbing and shooting three miles apart. it happened in the 300 block of 51st street after 1:00 this morning. police found two women and one child with stab wounds. all are expected to be okay. no word on a suspect. police got calls for shots fired where they found a man shot in the chest. he is in critical condition at this time. no word on a motive or suspect in that case. also in northwest d.c., firefighters rescued at least one person from a fire. the fire broke out just after midnight in the 1700 block of benning road. firefighters say the small kitchen fire caused heavy smoke. three people taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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they are expected to be okay. a 19-year-old faces charges for making threats against other students at montgomery college. this is news 4 exclusive video. investigators say the man suffered a tough break up and told friends he wanted to shoot people for fun. they alerted campus security who called police. investigators from the food and drug administration are reporting health violations at the massachusetts plant responsible for the outbreak. they found insects and birds inside a room where drugs were stored. they did not investigate at least 53 incidents of bacterial contamination inside the facility. the outbreak is responsible for 32 deaths in 19 states, including maryland and virginia. they shut down operations last month. a woman from ohio who couldn't wait for a school bus that had stopped is now living out a punishment in public.
11:36 am
here she is earlier this morning, holding her sentence, a sign that says only an idiot would drive on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus. the judge handed down the punishment after capturing her driving around a school bus. she will hold the sign for another hour tomorrow morning. her license was suspended for 30 days. she has to pay a $250 fine. let's head outside and talk to tom about the weather for today and the rest of the week. >> the weather deck looks cozy. >> i was out here five hours ago, there was a drilling, cold, wind-driven rain. now, the sunshine is out. we are drying out. there's a penetrating cold wind. there's the view from the nbc 4 hd city camera. welcome sunshine back over the metro area. as we look at what's been happening over the last six hours, six 6:30 this morning, we have rain.
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still raining a bit in southern maryland, northern neck and the eastern shore. the sky is clearing out to the west. that will continue into the afternoon. what a chill in the air. it's hovering in the mid-40s now in much of the region. we are going hold steady in the mid-40s for rest of the afternoon and get cold tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, maybe back into the mid-40s. by dawn tomorrow, it's going to be near 30 degrees. much of the region is a freeze tomorrow morning. afternoon highs may briefly touch 50 degrees. a lighter winld. thursday, it's going to be cold in the morning, afternoon highs in the low 50s. chilly afternoons friday and saturday. might give us rain sunday night and monday. stay tuned, we'll keep you posted on that. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. let's check in with danella, again. >> all you had is bad news all day.
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any good news? >> yeah. we'll start bad first. we'll be good at the end. eastbound the dulles toll road, that ramp is shut down. i said toll road, i mean greenway. the ramp is shut down now. heading to maryland in clarksville, that problem is still going on on the road. accident along 32. this is as you make your way between west linden church road to clarksville road, clarksville pike. that road is shut down. i-270 is clear between frederick and the beltway. no issues to report. back to you. >> thank you. this is shaping up to be a big week for the nationals. we'll find out if davy johnson wins. the cy young winner will be announced. >> the week got off to a great start when bryce harper was named rookie of the year. he beat out the arizona diamondbacks for that honor.
11:39 am
he says he's proud of the accomplishment. >> just being with jackie robinson and all the guys that wanted to, just an honor to have the team. they made this year fun. it's icing on the cake. >> harper, who turned 20 last month is the youngest position player to win the award. the pitcher was a month younger when he won back in 1984. we are going to try to separate fact from fiction this morning when it comes to hair and hair loss. we have answers to frequently asked questions. fact, i have known. fiction, it wasn't my choice. that's how we start. what is the average number of hairs one will shed in a given day? >> what do you think? >> a lot. through bushing and combing. >> correct. if you lose anywhere between 80 and 100 hairs a day, it's
11:40 am
normal. a lot of people think it's a lot. it's normal on a daily basis. >> if you don't comb your hair, you are going to have a brush full of hair. not combing your hair on a certain day then combing the next day, you have double the amount of hair. >> is it safe for pregnant women to perm or dye their hair? >> it depends. when we talk hair dye, that contains peroxide, it can be absorbed into the hair. most stylists will not give treatments to pregnant women. rinses seem to be okay. perms, relaxers, things like that because it's not absorbed into the system seem to be okay. products containing peroxide should be avoided. >> is it dangerous to the childbirth? >> it's unethical to test these
11:41 am
products on pregnant women so we will probably never know. due to certain regulations as far as certain ingredients and products like what the cdc may say or what have you, we go on levels. some of these products have 4% up to 10% peroxides in them. they should be avoided. >> if your hair is shaven, it will grow in thicker and courser. i say no. >> that's a myth. you hear young girls talk about it all the time. i started shaving my legs and my hair came in thicker. that's the nature of hair growth. at puberty, your hair is going to come in thicker. so, when you see that it's thick enough or dense enough, you tend to shave. it's not related. it's not proportionate to the amount of shaving you do. >> since we are on the subject of hair, nice haircut. >> thank you. >> that leads to the next
11:42 am
question. cutting the ends, does it make it grow faster? >> no. but it seems like it. no, the hair grows from the root. so, keeping it groomed and cut, there's less breakage. that's the difference that you see. the hair grows from the root like the nail doesn't grow from the tip, it grows from the root. >> pregnant women lose their hair after childbirth. >> that's true in most cases. you hear about women who are pregnant saying my hair grew like a weed, then after they deliver the baby, they come in usually upset because they are shedding enormous amount of hair. usually, i can guess the age of the child, it's about three months after delivery, there's a massive amount of shedding. what we mean is there's more than 100 hairs a day. the hair is all over the place. it's on your shoulders, the bathroom floor, the sink.
11:43 am
we see that quite often. it's totally reversible. it doesn't mean you are losing all your hair. it usually resolves in six months. >> doctor, next segment, you teach me how to get mine back. >> okay. thank you. >> please, please, help me. >> it's 11:43. the word of the year, plus from music to a sweet treat. ideas for the reception of our winter wedding. stay with us.
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lawmakers in new york city will vote on $500 million of repairs to the city following hurricane sandy. the money would go to installing new electrical systems and repairing roofs across the city. mayor michael bloomberg says the city spet $130 million in storm
11:47 am
related emergency relief. he said the city will keep rationing gas for now because it helps cut down massive lines. there are around 19,000 people without power, two weeks since the storm hit the northeast. sandy caused plenty of problems. now it's ruining christmas for some. the storm destroyed more than 3,000 trees. the owners have refunded more than 70% of their orders including trees for the u.s. botanical gardens. it's cost them $40,000 so far. >> stops in early trading on wall street. let's check in with jane wells. she joins us with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> let's look at the markets right now. the nasdaq finally moved in positive territory. dow up 56 points. nasdaq up about one.
11:48 am
the president is meeting with top business leaders this week as his re-election could mean a change in the tax picture for america. the ceos of general electric and aetna. the man thought to be the next leader of microsoft, left without explanation after 23 years of microsoft. meanwhile, apple stores get better sales per square foot than any other retailer. average sales of over $6,000 per square foot a year. it's how they measure it. home depot earnings were better than expected showing a slow improvement. home depot reported third quarter profits of $1 billion on 18 billion in sales. the motor trend car of the year is, electric. the tesla surprised gear heads
11:49 am
all over. the $57,000 car gets 265 miles on one charge. unlike other electric cars, it can reach speeds of 133 miles per hour. not that i would know what it's like to drive that fast. back to you. >> i don't know, either. if we do, it's aur secret. thanks for stopping by. i don't know if you can see it, but it's snowing here in the studio. someone said this might happen. incredible. you can make anything happen at a wedding. >> anything can happen. >> you can do all kinds of things. we have a 1920s winter wonderland theme here. we have music from artists who came all the way from new york to help us celebrate our week of weddings for all seasons. karin is back with us.
11:50 am
what can you do to make weddings wonderful in wintertime. >> again, the bar theme is popular now. for this season that we are presenting, we are doing a smore station. >> everybody loves smores. >> you can get it monogrammed with the crackers. you can do anything to get your -- to get your guests excited. with the sticks, you don't have to do the metal. you can do them with wood or twigs or anything like that. you don't have to stick with that. we stuck with this because of the season. >> now, you have chosen a 1920s theme, is that right? >> yes. 1920s all around for the winter. >> we have the music. let's hear it as we get ready to see the bride and groom come in. >> amazing. >> tell us about it.
11:51 am
beautiful. how about the groom? >> for the groom, we have michael andrews. he's wearing a charcoal wool cashmiere suit. he's got the hat with the 1920s theme. you can play the gangster side. do not be scared of props. >> that is the suit he could wear anytime. >> you can wear it again. you don't have to buy a tuxedo. you can wear a darker color, tone. >> this is a formal wedding, let's see the bride. >> here she comes. she is wearing a beautiful 1920s inspired gown. it is a chiffon front, beautiful low back, you have a slit in the front. wof access rised it with hair
11:52 am
accessories. a beautiful head band, which is popular. >> are the slimmer lines more in now for weddings? >> you have both of them. a lot of girls are thinking of a big one to the ceremony then switch to something you can dance in easier. with the bouquet, you can add the feathers to ak sen trait with your theme, the 1920s. >> beautiful. thank you to our bride and groom. gorgeous. let's have a little listen to that music as we tell folks about what's coming up tomorrow. you can keep playing. we love hearing it. we have spring tomorrow and we have lots coming up. tips about spring weddings. >> you have the cutest flower girl. do not miss out tomorrow. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> some surprises. go ahead. ♪
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breaking news on this big story here on news 4. the sentence is in for d.c. -- former d.c. council chairman kwame brown. he will have to serve six months home detention and two years supervised relief and community service for bank fraud. kwame brown, one day in jail, he'll serve that today. more proof technology is taking over everything. the word gif, g-i-f is the world of year. gif of graphics intern change format is popular with blogs. other words are superstorm, super pac and yolo an acronym standing for you only live once. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ ♪ that's what makes you beautiful ♪ >> the hottest musical act in
11:57 am
the world stopped by the "today" show. one direction performed some of their hit songs to a crowd of thousands. some of them waiting outside to see the group for days. they will star in their first ever feature film next year. let's take a look at the stories you are following. pat lawson muse is in the news room with a preview. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a woman accused of running over her husband because she wouldn't vote in the election. we'll have the latest on the sentencing of kwame brown including a second court appearance scheduled for this afternoon. then, a woman on a mission. what she's doing to try to solve health problems in her community by herself. it's a compelling story. all the day's latest news this afternoon. keith? >> see you again. kwame brown one day in jail. final check on the weather. chilly through the rest of the
11:58 am
week into the weekend. we'll have temperatures only in the 30s in the morning, near freezing tomorrow morning. late sunday, perhaps into monday, we could get rain. we'll keep you posted on that. otherwise, chillier than average weather here for the next seven days. see you tomorrow. >> you can't make it know, huh? >> not like they can in the movies. that's news 4 mid date. >> we get set for our spring keding tomorrow. two words, i do. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a big day for news. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning with more news. stay with us
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